Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions We Are Asked

How are we different from your standard lumber yard.

We are a small company that works one on one with our clients to guide them in the right direction in choosing the right designs for there home. When working with our client we strive to bring there vision to life. Our clients love how we work very closley with them and how we implement our moulding designs to bring a dull room to a room that looks like it came out of Design NJ . We offer alot of custom products that the typical lumber yard does not carry. We like to sit down with our clients first to see what kind of project they are looking to tackle. this helps know what next step to take in the design process as well as it help us save our client money on materials that we design for the application. 

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I want a new Fire Place Mantel but I don't want to spend a fortune?

Send us the image of the Fire Place Mantle and we will replicate the mantle within your budget.

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